July 13, 2017

Andrew Wallace

“I have begun my journey back to the UK. The last week has been an emotional journey of painful, but good goodbyes. Finishing well is hard, yet I believe that God, in his mercy, has made it happen. Goals were achieved, gifts were given, assurances of prayer exchanged. Despite numerous well-ups, I’ve managed to keep my tears from overflowing the eyelids so far this week. The moments that brought me to the brink include:

  • -A beautiful final team day of good food, fun games, words of encouragement and prayer. 
  • -My friend old Lukwa taking the initiative to pray for me the day before I left.
  • -The Laarim children singing for me at the air strip as I prepared to board the plane. 
  • -A lovely letter from one of the missionary children.


The co-existence of the excitement of returning with the grief of leaving is hard to describe… but in a word, I would say I feel thankful. Thankful to God for everything that he has done and everything that he is going to do.” 

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