August 18, 2017

Andrew Chard

Andrew is AIM’s Europe Director, based in Nottingham. “I have just returned from an AIM Diaspora Short Term Team to Malta. This is the first time AIM has run diaspora teams…In all, about thirty people gathered in Spain for three days of evangelism training prior to going to our various locations. During this time we were taught how best to approach people on the streets and in parks to share the gospel with them. We were introduced to a helpful phone App called ‘KOLO WORLD’ which has the Jesus film and audio Bible in nearly 1000 languages. It was so helpful when we were talking to people from places like Ghana, Somalia, Nigeria, Eritrea and Malta, to have the scriptures in their own language…Each day on Malta we would decide on a location to visit then split into twos or go on our own to talk to people who were hanging around and had time to talk. I was amazed that everyone I approached was keen to talk and tell me the story of how they got to Malta, and it was easy to engage in gospel conversation using the app – very encouraging…What we hadn’t planned was to witness 35 baptisms at the beach in Jerez on the first day of being in Spain as part of the on-going outreach from the evangelical church we were partnering with. It was a wonderful blessing for us to see whole households being baptised together from different ethnic backgrounds – what a wonderful foretaste of heaven. The trip would have been worth going for just for that day alone!” Give thanks for this trip and pray for our ongoing work with diaspora people across Europe.

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