Martin and Joy Koch

Sent from Freie Evangelische Gemeinde, Giessen, Germany

Martin and Joy are working in Maralal, Kenya, seeking to reach the Samburu with the gospel and disciple believers.

The Kochs began serving with AIM in 1994, working with the local church in Kenya in training church leaders and assisting in church ministry. They led a Samburu TIMO team from 2013 to 2016 and were based in Lchakwai, seeking to grow relationships that led to opportunities to share the gospel and disciple believers.

Following the TIMO team, Martin and Joy are continuing to reach out to the Samburu. Building on relationships established by the TIMO team, they desire that a number of Samburu women, men, moran (warriors), and children will decide to follow Christ and that several churches will be formed.

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Latest Prayer News

Martin and Joy Koch serve among the Samburu in Maralal, Kenya. A few weeks ago, eight men were licensed as pastors, and the Kochs share that it is encouraging to see the number of workers growing and new churches established. Please pray for unity among the pastors and workers, and that their love for one another will show that they are truly disciples of Jesus (John 13:35). 

Martin and Joy Koch’s ministry focus among the Samburu has moved from building up the church in Lchakwai to encouraging and building up the pastors of the AIC Samburu District Church Council (DCC). As the number of pastors in the District has increased and new churches are being started Martin wants to visit the pastors, listen to and encourage them, and motivate them in studying the Bible. Martin and Joy are also able to provide transport to the DCC’s Chairman so that they can visit the churches together. Please pray that Martin and Joy will serve the DCC’s pastors well and that God would use them to strengthen the pastors and churches in the AIC Samburu District.

Please pray for Martin and Joy Koch as they discern what their ministry among the Samburu should look like for the next two years. Pray that God will guide their decisions and give them open hearts and wise thinking as they seek him.

Living in urban Maralal is very different from living in rural Lchakwai for Martin and Joy Koch; yet they live in a mostly Samburu neighbourhood, with two AIC Samburu churches within walking distance of their apartment. Please pray that God will keep giving Martin and Joy opportunities to speak with Samburu friends and neighbours about Jesus in their new location.

Praise God that Martin and Joy Koch were able to visit Lchakwai at the end of February to meet with the local elders and the church there. Please pray that the elders will allow a church building to be built. Please also pray that Samburu men will understand the gospel and come to saving faith in Jesus.


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