27 September 2016

Introducing the Heaton Family

Katie and Jamie grew up in Mozambique, and have recently moved to live in the UK for the first time. We asked them how they were finding it so far...

The Heaton Family

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23 September 2016

Life on an Indian Ocean island

We asked Amy what’s it’s like to live on an Indian Ocean island and to seek to share the gospel there.


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21 September 2016

The renewal of people’s minds

Bill Rettie went to the Kerio Valley, Kenya, in 1986 to establish the church based Cheptebo Rural Development Centre and initiate development and training activities. We interviewed Bill, along with Joseph and Sally Kimeli who now run the Cheptebo Rural Development Centre, about the change that results through gospel transformation. You can read an article […]

AIM Europe

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2 September 2016

Men of Mission

Meet Andrew and Jacob. Two young men serving with AIM among the Laarim people of South Sudan.

On Field Media

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25 September 2015

Engaging Muslims in Madagascar

We are looking to establish a new Focus team in Madagascar, reaching out to Muslim youth through English language clubs and sports as well as engaging with young Muslim women through teaching English at a university.

AIM Europe

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