31 July 2015

A voice for the Ik

The Ik have been granted their own county. The significance of this may not be fully evident to you, but for decades, if not centuries, the Ik have lived under the dominance of neighbouring tribes.

Terrill & Amber Schrock

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21 April 2015

Inspirational Scottish Conference

The 2015 Scottish Conference took place on Saturday 28 March at Perth Baptist Church. Around 100 delegates spent their Saturday being encouraged, inspired and challenged during the event – and were incredibly well fed too!

Ruth Box

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7 April 2015

Every nation, tribe, people and language

Romans 10:13 says “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” But how can the unreached know who God is if they don’t have the Bible in a language they understand?

AIM Europe

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20 March 2015

A year amongst the Samburu people

F* is part of a multinational Training in Ministry Outreach (TIMO) team, working amongst the unreached Samburu people of Northern Kenya. They have been there a year now. So how has it gone?


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19 March 2015

Short Term: Making an Impact

Short Term mission and long term mission partners are more connected than you’d think…

AIM Europe

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26 February 2015

Shepherds TIMO team: Update

It has been a year since the Lesotho TIMO team leaders Sam and Leanna Williamson moved to South Africa to prepare for the start of the Shepherds team's assignment. Here are their reflections on what has happened since.

Sam & Leanna Williamson

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26 February 2015

Mind your language!

One of the most important factors in reaching the unreached is communication with local people, so learning to speak in their mother tongue is vital. Graeme and Eli Mallett describe some of the quirks of language learning.

Graeme & Eli Mallett

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26 February 2015

Caroline in Congo

Dr Caroline Bell is currently exploring her call to long term medical mission through a Short Term placement in Adi, D. R. Congo. Here she shares what life is like in the Congo and how things are going so far...

Dr Caroline Bell

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11 February 2015

The Long Road Home

Reaching the unreached often takes our missionaries to isolated parts of Africa, which makes getting from A to B a real challenge! The team working to reach the Lopit people in South Sudan had a first-hand experience of the headaches of travel on their return from their Christmas holiday in Kenya. Ashley recounts their journey.

Ashley Burkhardsmeier

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4 February 2015

There and Back Again

Steve & Ruth Lancaster work with the Africa Inland Church (AIC) to equip pastors in Tanzania. Recently Steve wrote about returning to Tanzania after being in the UK for Christmas.

Steve Lancaster

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