What’s going on in Chad?

The political situation in Chad has developed since the writing of this article. For the most recent information and how you can be praying, please see here.

Idriss Déby has been the president of Chad for the past 30 years. On 11 April 2021, Déby competed for his sixth term. Many are tired of his regime and ready for change – change, however, is not easy. The only changes that have happened in the Chadian political system have occurred through armed conflict. Please pray for peace for this country, but also that there would be justice.    

Security is another issue that constantly seems to be before Chad – Boko Haram is on our western border, to the north is the ongoing Libyan conflict, to the east is the volatile Darfur region with a porous border, and to the southeast the CAR conflict continues. Regardless of the outcomes of the election, pray that the country is led well through these challenges and manages the threat to its people justly and with caution. 

We’re grateful that in Chad, Covid-19 has not had the devasting effects so far that we’ve seen elsewhere. Whilst the pandemic meant that two families and a single took the decisions to return to their home countries, we have still welcomed five new families and three new singles to the unit since last September. God has been faithful to provide labourers for this harvest field in spite of the complications of travelling and getting visas during this time. We have also been rejoicing at news of several others who have committed to join different ministry teams here in Chad and are in the process of coming here from different sending countries.   

There are so many amazing and wonderful opportunities to serve the Lord and freely minister to unreached people groups here. As long as Chad stays a secular country and its borders are open, let’s walk through these open doors, as acknowledged missionaries, ready to work with the Chadian church to proclaim the gospel to those waiting to hear it.

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