Unreached People: Datooga

The Datooga are an unreached people group of central Tanzania. Although scattered across this region of Tanzania, their homeland seems to be centred near Mount Hanang, a mountain that they consider sacred and which plays an important role in their songs and myths. They are a large group of former nomads, who have now settled as farmers. They often keep animals, mainly cattle, but also goats, sheep, donkeys and chicken. They are proud of their culture and see no reason to change. Few children go to school and illiteracy is common.


Why serve on a team?

Simon and Sue French look back on their experiences serving on a TIMO team from 2005 until 2007 among the Datooga in Tanzania. After the team ended, they stayed in Tanzania to serve the new churches until 2018. They tell us what the benefits of serving on a multi-cultural team.


How are we reaching the Datooga?

Simon & Sue French have been serving in Tanzania among the Datooga people for 13 years, sharing the gospel and equipping Datooga evangelists to reach out to their own communities. They share how Bible storying projects are reaching those who are unreached with the good news.


There are so many ways you can be a part of reaching Africa's unreached peoples with the good news of Jesus Christ.