13 December 2014 // Films News

The Shepherds team are off

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The ‘Extreme TIMO Team’ reaching the Shepherds of Lesotho has finally begun! The international team is made up of five energetic and adventurous young men; Caleb, Spencer, Tobias, Mark and Chris, with Sam as their team leader. The team has built their shepherding huts by hand with materials from the land – hard, hard labour, even for five fit guys! They have made their rock shelves which they will use as beds in their huts and have constant companions of bed bugs, mice, rats and ground squirrels! The team is perfecting cooking their two simple meals of pap a day over an open fire, but enjoy their luxury items of tea and coffee. The shepherds are excited and pleased with the company of these “white men” and have heard about missionaries going to their villages but never living amongst them.

Photos from Mark Eekhoff

Mark Eekhoff is one of the Shepherds TIMO team members. He sent these photos, giving a real insight into what it’s going to be like living amongst the Lesotho Shepherds.

Video from Sam Williamson

Team leader, Sam Williamson asks the team members what their hopes and fears are, as they start their work amongst the Shepherds.