27 April 2013 // News

Thank you for your prayers

Praying for world mission can often feel disconnected when people live so far away in cultures nothing like our own. Martha Komanya, from Morogoro, Tanzania, reminds and thanks us for the wonderful gospel partnership we enjoy when we pray.

‘My name is Martha Komanya. I was very happy to get to know Amy when she came to Tanzania. I love her and she loves me. Amy has helped find outlets to sell my things and given me new ideas. We really thank God because he has helped me to build my business. We thank God for the churches who send missionaries to us because they build us up in our faith.

We thank God for your prayers and ask you to keep praying for us without getting tired. We have seen God answer our prayers and I remember Jeremiah 33:3

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”


Women like Martha, a widow with HIV/AIDS and several dependents, are gaining self-reliance, dignity and hope for the future, by using their sewing skills. Using local fabrics, or recycled scraps and remnants, they make beautiful products to sell to tourists at craft markets or through specific orders. Martha’s daughter, Joyce, handcrafts jewellery and greeting cards using recycled materials (hence the name rejoyce).

In my life I have been faithful to God and he has always been faithful to me. I have seen miracles. He has given my family land on which to build; enabled me to educate my children; provided for our every need. I thank God that my children know and love Jesus and his Word.

It is amazing to think that people who have never met me and my family are praying for us day by day. I am so touched in my heart by the love and mercy I am shown by strangers across the world. Truly our God is a wonderful Father! God surprises me by showing me how so many people can help to carry our burdens. There are so many people in Tanzania, why should they care about me and my family?!’