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Speak Alagwaisa

The Alagwa are a small people group living in 15 villages in central Tanzania. The Alagwa farm crops and look after animals. They have lots of roots and leaves that they use for medicine. Some of these work really well, but some don’t! For example, if you are bitten by a snake, you are supposed to drink your grandmother’s wee.

When you visit someone’s house, it is normal to sit in silence to start with. If you start talking too soon it is rude. The Alagwa will think that you don’t want to stay, that you just want to greet and leave. Hospitality is really important to the Alagwa. Although you can briefly greet before food, you should really wait until you have eaten before you are properly greeted by your host.

Alagwaisa is the official language of the Alagwa people. Most Alagwa also speak some Swahili – the national language. Watch the video and see if you can learn any phrases.

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