Mission Essentials Youth Sessions

Young people have lots of questions. Questions about who they are, how they fit into the world and what life is all about. As a follower of Christ, God’s word – the Bible – is the light to our feet, and the foundation to build our lives upon. When it comes to understanding what God thinks about the world and the task he has given us to fulfil, the Bible must have the first and last word. 

We hope that Mission Essentials – Youth Edition will help your youth group (these sessions are designed for ages 13 – 18) to explore God’s word, understand more about God’s character and, flowing out of that, what the Lord is calling his children (whether young or old) to do.  

Throughout this Leader’s Guide there are ‘Leader’s Notes’ with suggestions and extra information to help you lead your youth sessions. There are also sections which give you further information on questions that might come up in conversation in case you need it.  

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