Design an edible bug!

In Uganda, grasshoppers are a delicacy in many communities, and are usually served boiled or deep fried. A tablespoon of grasshoppers will cost you 1,000 Uganda shillings (about 21p). The best time to catch them is when it rains, and when there is a full moon.

Because they are so nutritious, in 2013 the UN Food and Agriculture Organization urged more people to consider adding insects to their diet. In Uganda though, the numbers of grasshoppers are dwindling because their habitat is being destroyed, and because they are being so aggressively harvested for food. However there are many people who are working on ways to breed grasshoppers so they can continue to be harvested and eaten in a sustainable way.

If you were going to design an edible bug to eat, what would it taste like? Would it sweet or savoury? Crunchy? Slimy? How many legs does it have?

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