Connect January – April 2022

The printed version of this journal that we send out first started life as a seedling (likely a spruce or pine), which has been turned into the sustainable paper that our words are printed on. I’m not sure I’ve ever really stopped to think about the fact that each journal was once part of a tree from a forest. In fact, I think I often have a disconnected and unthankful heart for the created world that God has made and the many ways he sustains and cares for me through it.

Obviously, trees are just one part of God’s good creation, but without them, we would not only be unable to produce this journal, our entire lives on earth would be unsustainable. God’s provision of trees gives us food to eat and oxygen to breathe, while also removing carbon from the air. God’s gift of trees also means that soil is stabilised, medicinal properties are gained and sustainable material for homes and supplies is provided. As well as helping to sustain life for humans, trees also harbour most of the Earth’s terrestrial biodiversity, including 75% of bird species and 68% of the world’s mammal species. If we were to unsustainably deforest the world of all trees, we would be dismantling a large part of the sustaining, life-giving work of creation that Jesus has wonderfully shared to care and provide for his people. 

In an increasingly urbanised, screen-based world, it is easy to see that we have forgotten to really give thanks to God for all that he has made. In this issue of Connect, we will be spending some more time in God’s good creation, reflecting on how we exercise the role God originally gave us to care for creation while also living out the gospel in anticipation of the restoration of creation. We will consider how the transforming power of the gospel through conservation agriculture is literally transforming not just people’s lives but also the landscape itself in Kenya and Lesotho. We will see that the areas worst affected by climate change are often some of the world’s poorest countries such as Mozambique, and how the peoples of South Sudan view and make sense of the world through what they see in creation. I pray it will encourage you to see what God is doing and has done among Africa’s peoples through your support, and also help you pray, reflect and grow on your own journey and involvement in mission.

“…blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream.”  Jeremiah 17:7-8

Joe Morgan



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