April 10, 2015

Zillah Whitehouse

“Last semester our pioneer students started their clinical placements on the ward and did amazingly! It was wonderful to know that more patients were being treated and at the end it was obvious that the students were more focussed on their personal interaction with the patients than just the physical treatment, which is what we hoped to see… My new lectures for this semester have been a 42-hour module on “Ethics and Worldviews”. Some of the lecture planning has really stretched me and made me think. We have explored African and other worldviews and also different beliefs in God/no God/other spiritualities and visited a church, mosque and temple. We also talked about a variety of ethical issues, including some specifically African. The students are now very willing to challenge my thinking on topics, and especially my western mindset. It has been very good for me and I continue to learn on a daily basis. Praise God for our pioneer students and their desire to make a difference to patients. Please pray for them as they are on their placements at other hospitals. Also pray for our good building of relationships with all the other students. Please pray for me as I process some of the new lessons I have learnt in the last few months particularly through the Ethics and Worldviews course.”

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