April 21, 2017

Tony & Cath Swanson

Cath writes: “This year’s children’s camp theme is ‘safari ya maisha’, ‘the journey of life’. We held our national teachers’ training here in Morogoro last week and explored the theme of ‘travelling with Jesus throughout our lives’. What came up again and again was the necessity of forward motion as a basic requirement. So even when you’re moving really slowly, you just need to know you’re making progress. We asked ourselves, ‘are we moving forward? Or are we stuck, or worse, slipping backwards?’ Training weeks like this are a powerful means of encouragement to the teachers to persevere with stubborn joy. The actual camps are run up and down the country in June with several thousand primary school children expected to attend. As ever, this outreach of the church is worth every ounce of energy.” Please pray for the organisation of these camps, and that God would use them to grow these children in faith.

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