October 2, 2020

Tony & Cath Swanson

Tony writes, “The time has now come for the airports to re-open which we think is a good thing. This has meant that I (Tony) was able to travel to the UK on the 12th September… I am back [at All Nations Christian College] now because of my current role as the African Mobilisation Consultant for AIM. I hope to experience the ‘En-Route’ course for myself, and to evaluate its effectiveness as a missionary training program within the African context. So I will be learning how to adapt it and teach it across Africa. We have already planned to run it at Sanga Sanga Tanzania early next year. Hopefully Cath will join me later in October, when she is down to lead one of the ‘Contemporary Issues in Mission’ sessions on child safeguarding… Please pray for Cath, as she holds the fort back in Kampala and for myself that I would follow the Buxton Motto engraved into the stonework of All Nations College; ‘Do it with all thy might’ as I engage in the ‘En-Route’ program. That it in turn will be a blessing to many prospective missionaries across Africa.”

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