August 2, 2019

Tony & Cath Swanson

Tony & Cath Swanson have just moved to Entebbe, Uganda to carry on their work as AIM’s African Mobilisation Consultant and Child Safety Officer. “We are so grateful for these last seven months in the UK. It has been a time of refreshing and catching up with family and friends. We are grateful to the many of you who hosted us and invited us to visit. Thank you for the opportunity that you gave to preach and speak on the work we have been and will be involved in. We are grateful for the provision of our flat in Romsey that has been such a lovely place to live. We are so grateful to the Worthing Tab for commissioning us in such a memorable way. We are so grateful for answered prayer in regard to Tony’s dad who is now home and doing much better. We are so grateful for the opportunity we had to travel up and down this beautiful country of ours. We are so grateful for the support that we have received that has meant we are able return to Africa later today. We are so grateful for your continued prayers for us as we arrive and get settled in to life and ministry in Uganda.

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