May 3, 2019

Tony & Cath Swanson

Tony writes: “Cath has continued in her Child Safeguarding role, with AIM and the Child Safety Protection Network where she is a board member and trainer. These responsibilities have taken her to Florida (USA) in January, Japan in February, as well as Prague in April (where I carried her suitcase!) and Virginia (USA) in April/May. So far, we have had the opportunity to visit and share in a number of churches as far afield as St Mary’s Nottingham to All Soul’s Langham Place London; Corsham Baptist, Rayners Lane Baptist; Worthing Tabernacle and Ashington Parish. It has been lovely to preach, share and worship in English! I also had the opportunity to attend a conference in Malta concerning the mobilization of African missionaries.” Please pray for God’s blessing on the rest of their Home Assignment before they move to Uganda in July.

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