April 2, 2015

Tim & Bron Heaton

Tim Heaton, Unit Leader for Northern Mozambique shares the following news about Radio Nuru, a radio station reaching the Mwani people: “Last year we made you aware of the financial and personnel need that Radio Nuru was facing. Amazingly, God blessed Radio Nuru financially, so that we have not needed to worry about paying the radio presenters or meeting Radio Nuru’s other expenses. However, Normand and Henriette will be going on their scheduled Home Assignment towards the end of 2015, and despite our repeated attempts, we have not found anyone to replace them. If, in a few months’ time this situation remains the same, with deep regret, AIM will need to plan for the shutdown of Radio Nuru towards the end of the year. I, together with Normand and Henriette and AIM as a whole deeply value Radio Nuru and its ministry and would love to see Radio Nuru continue its vital work of reaching the Mwani with the lifesaving message of the Saviour. Please pray for Radio Nuru and for Radio Nuru’s leadership that the Master would give us much wisdom and show us the way forward for Radio Nuru.”

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