March 22, 2019

Tim & Beth Wood

The Woods are currently in the USA on Home Assignment, and share some news of Mozambique: “The Red Cross is estimating that 90% percent of Beira has been destroyed after being hit by Cyclone Idai on March 14. Rain continues to fall and a further 40 inches are predicted for this week. All rivers are in flood and will flood more… It is hard to comprehend how massive the need is. A Mozambican friend, currently living in South Africa, told us to place this catastrophe in the hands of God. Right now, pray that the floods would not be even more catastrophic. Pray that cholera will not break out. Pray for drinkable water and emergency food rations. Pray for freedom from riots and looting. Pray for the safety of those involved in rescue missions. Pray for Christians to shine like stars in this chaos. Pray for churches to reach out to their communities. Pray for the emotional wellbeing of all caught up in this trauma. Mozambicans are resilient and resourceful. They will need these traits in abundance for years to come.” If you would like to find out more ways to pray or donate funds to help, please visit

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