October 4, 2019

The Gabbra

The Gabbra are an unreached people group who live in the Chalbi desert along the border of Kenya and Ethiopia. Recently, PrayAfrica.org shared this prayer request: “For a few weeks we have been praying for two ladies who are being spiritually oppressed. They are living in very simple huts, not eating and spending most of their time laying down on camel skin inside of their dark huts. They and their families have previously worshipped evil spirits. These ladies’ relatives and husbands started joining us in our fellowship, and understood and confessed that they need to be free from all darkness. We frequently have visited their houses, praying for these ladies and with their families. And last week one of these two ladies voluntarily came to a fellowship! She was smiling and interacting with others. We praise Jesus for the freedom that there is in his name! Please pray for all those who are still in darkness and need to know about the truth that sets us free.”

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