August 5, 2016

Suzanne Betts

Suzanne is a short term missionary on the Digo Focus Quest team. “Before I set off for this trip, I felt that some of its purpose was to give me more opportunity to grow in my relationship and dependency on my Heavenly Father, and to learn to listen to his voice more, especially with regards to my future decisions about whether mission in Africa is where God wants me to be for the long term. He has definitely put me with people who have shown me what this looks like and as a result I have learnt more about the power of prayer, faith and the Holy Spirit… I thank him so much for his faithfulness and the people I have come across during this trip and the joy of true Christian community. I now have more of a realistic view of what it is really like to leave your friends and family and move overseas to an unreached people group, who speak a different language, wear different clothes, eat different food, think a different way and live in a different culture and climate. I am better prepared for what it might cost long term but never as much as what it cost Jesus himself!” Please pray for Suzanne “that I will be able to discern and listen to what plans God has for me next, and for an open heart that does not fear being vulnerable and is humble enough to keep learning.

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