February 12, 2016

Steve & Ruth Lancaster

Home assignment provides opportunities for spending time with family and friends. Besides grappling with a new language and trying to adapt to living in a new culture, I think the hardest part about being overseas is the separation from family. We’re so thankful for the modern conveniences of email and Skype that the missionary of yesteryear could only dream of, but nothing beats face-to-face quality time with those who are nearest and dearest. There’s also a need to take time out from a ‘field assignment’ and spend time in a home culture where things are familiar and relaxed, because after a while some of the cultural norms here can begin to wear you down. I (Steve) have noticed this especially in the last six months where my grace and patience levels are low, my tolerance and compassion reserves are sometimes depleted, and my spiritual tank is in need of topping up! In short, one can become rather tetchy and grumpy when things don’t happen as they would at home, and where you get fed up with certain aspects of a culture! We’re certainly looking forward to a change of environment and temperature, doing some holidaying, and to recharging the batteries on a number of levels!” Pray for Steve & Ruth as they prepare to leave over these next few weeks; that they would continue to know God’s sustaining and renewing power. Pray that they would get the rest and relaxation they need whilst on Home Assignment.

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