October 2, 2020

Steve & Ruth Lancaster

Steve writes, “We’re now midway through our conference season… During the three-day course we journey together through the gospel of Mark, although with only 10 teaching sessions we’re only scraping the surface of some of the major events… From a teaching/preaching perspective it has felt as though there has been an extra ‘uummpphhh’ to sessions 9 and 10… The singing that follows these sessions has borne testimony to the fact that hearts and minds have been challenged and blessed, as we’ve considered the awesome power of the cross and the empty tomb. It’s our hope that the teaching the pastors receive will enable and inspire them personally, but that they might also be mobilised to pass on what they’ve learned to their congregations.” Praise God for the four conferences that have already happened, and please pray for the remaining three that Steve is teaching at between now and December.

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