February 21, 2020

Steve & Ruth Lancaster

Steve & Ruth Lancaster are based at the Africa Inland Church’s Institute of Bible & Ministry (IBM) in Tanzania. “Ruth has spent a lot of time over the last few months at Sanga, beavering away at getting the accounts up-to-date, tracking down payment vouchers and receipts. At the moment she’s working on end-of-year financial reports for AIM, but by the end of the month, she’s hoping to have signed-off on ‘the money’, and will then turn her attention to fundraising and marketing. This has been a huge undertaking for Ruth, and her diligence and persistence is definitely winning through. 

In terms of teaching material for this year’s conferences, I’ve chosen to look at the Gospel of Mark, focussing on Jesus as the suffering servant. It’s the shortest Gospel, the earliest Gospel, and probably the liveliest with everything happening at a quick pace… Mark manages to pack a lot into his Gospel, although if you add up all the events that he portrays, they only come to a period of three weeks in the life of Jesus. Ironically, at my current pace, it’s going to take me three months to prepare eleven teaching sessions!” Please pray for Ruth as she finishes work on the financial reports, and for Steve as he prepares the materials for this year’s conferences.

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