February 22, 2019

Steve & Ruth Lancaster

The Lancasters are currently preparing to go on Home Assignment, and Steve writes: “…this term seems to have been tougher than our first one. I’ve struggled with illness for the past 10 months (sinusitis and gastritis) and we’ve both had bouts of what they call ‘culture fatigue’, although which missionary hasn’t experienced this?!… Ruth has also felt the burden of various responsibilities more this term… However, we do have much to praise God for! Many positive things have happened during this second term. I’ve driven over 50,000km without accident or breakdown. We’ve seen the Conference Centre [at Sanga Sanga] grow to its completion with the facilities being well-used by various groups. I’ve preached or taught over 160 times, mainly to Tanzanian pastors and leaders, and have had a go at my first Swahili commentary. Ruth has dealt with over 80 bookings at Sanga with over 2,600 people staying there; taught several English courses; and she’s also processed donations for work at Sanga totalling 507 million Tanzanian Shillings (£170,000)! We’ve also had the pleasure of introducing family members to Tanzania, as well as a number of church teams and Oak Hall groups. It was also heartening to hear that a number of those Oak Hall folks have gone on to invest further in mission. So, whilst we travel home with jaded eagerness we’re counting our blessings, and we’re thankful for what God has gifted us to do… Please pray for us as we aim to finish well and hand over our various responsibilities. Pray that our Home Assignment would be a time of refreshment, physically, mentally and spiritually.”

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