December 7, 2018

Steve & Ruth Lancaster

“For our team here in Morogoro there is plenty of change ahead, although it seems as though missionaries serving overseas live within a revolving-door environment where people are constantly coming and going. Our team mates Tony and Cath Swanson are in the process of saying their goodbyes and packing their bags after being in Tanzania for 20 years. [This weekend] they head to the UK for six months before continuing their consultancy roles with AIM, based in Uganda… Please pray for the Morogoro AIM team as we enter this time of transition. Whilst Tony and Cath will leave on 9th December, we’re hoping to have a new family joining the team in February, depending on the issuing of work permits. Please pray for this to happen soon. Ruth and I will then be heading back to the UK on Home Assignment in early March.”

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