January 18, 2019

Short Term

Amos Kennedy is a short term missionary serving among the Gabbra in Dukana, Kenya. “Just this week I witnessed first-hand just how sporadic and extreme the life of a nomadic community can be. A few days ago we got word of camels dying in mass numbers about 80km from here, so we went out to see if we could help. The camels had apparently drunk from a nearby well that was either poisoned or extremely contaminated. As we drove and spotted the first carcass we started to count, narrowly avoiding driving over them. We got to around 20 on the tally when we came to a big group of dead or dying camels, surrounded by the elders of that specific Gabbra clan. They looked totally despondent and at a complete loss. Camels are their livelihood. They function as their source of wealth (around £700 per camel), status, means of moving their houses and families, bride price and nutrition (from the milk)… One of the supreme elders told us, “There is nothing for us now. The darkness is over us.” We had counted 75 dead at that stage, and many more were wailing in the dark waiting to die. Pray that the church can reach out to these hurting people and show them where real hope is to be found.”

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