May 31, 2019

Short Term

Amos Kennedy is a short term missionary serving among the Gabbra in Dukana, Kenya. “The last six weeks have seen a real spike in inter-tribal violence between the Gabbra and the neighbouring Borana in Ethiopia. The Borana have been coming across the Kenya-Ethiopia border and raiding several Gabbra settlements near to us, the most recent attack being an ambush after peace talks in a town called Saru, just 45km from Dukana. Several students of mine remain at their homes there because of fear of more Borana attacks. Usually these kind of inter-tribal killings in Northern Kenya don’t grace the national newspapers, however this has been all over the news in Kenya due to the international aspect of Borana crossing the border and escaping again into Ethiopia. While the likelihood of an attack on Dukana remains lower than other border towns, people here are still very frightened at night, even coming to ask if they can sleep in our church building. Pray for peace between the Gabbra and Ethiopian Borana, and that the killings and fear would come to swiftly to an end.”

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