January 3, 2020

Sheona Chisholm

Sheona will be returning to the UK in March. “2019 has been a year of blessings, confusion and difficult decisions… I really love being here in Kenya, I live in a beautiful apartment & really enjoy doing personnel stuff. Never if you had asked me years ago would I have said not working clinically would have brought me pleasure, but God knows who I am & I really enjoy the member care & surprisingly the admin side of things… But – for a few reasons – personal, I need to leave Africa… concern for my parents is getting worse & wanting to support them and my siblings has meant I can’t work from Nairobi. This has been a hard decision, but I feel a peace that I will be going home to Scotland after just over two years of living here in Nairobi… I am praying that AIM will be able to find an assignment that I can do from Scotland… Please pray with me as I spend my last few months here in Nairobi. Pray that I will finish well in my final two months. Pray that I will know what my future looks like and that I’ll have patience to trust in God.”

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