August 2, 2019

Sheona Chisholm

Sheona is serving at Africa Based Support (ABS) as Personnel Coordinator. I have now been in Africa for more than half of my assignment term, in fact I only have another 6/7 months & I will have been here for 2 years. Oh how quickly time goes by. Is that a sign of getting old or is that just that our life is busy & goes quickly. This month, as I had thought has been a wee bit busier than the past few months have been. Two of our new AIMAIR families have arrived & are currently at ABO (Africa Based Orientation). This is in Nakuru around 3 hr drive from Nairobi. This is a 3 week course & is very helpful (or I thought it was when I did it!). All new long term missionaries with AIM do ABO at the start of their first assignment here in Africa. I drove to Nakuru last week to do the ABS presentation.

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