February 27, 2015

Sam & Leanna Williamson

“Although the team spend three weeks of every month in the mountains it is inevitable that some of the guys are back with us during those three weeks. Tobias continues to have visa issues and has been back in Clarens to continue submitting visa forms (we still wait to hear the outcome but he has been given a visa for Lesotho – which means he can stay, phew!!)   We have had several team members back with us just because life is so hard up in the mountains and they need a break or doctor’s and dentist’s appointments.  Sam visits the guys weekly in Lesotho and we have gotten into a routine of Sam going up first thing on Thursday morning, staying overnight, and returning on Friday evening.  The week also consists of planning Bible studies for the team, marking the team’s reflections and reports of books they have read, and planning teaching for the module, etc.” 

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