October 18, 2019

Ruth Mahood

Ruth Mahood is currently on Study Leave in the UK. “In July I had a great time at ABO helping Sonya as she coordinated the training of new AIM mis­sionaries. It was a privilege to be able to serve in this role and have a small part in supporting over 20 new missionaries and their children in what was for many, their first weeks in Africa… All those who attended the training are now at their ministry locations or are completing language study prior to heading to places across Africa. A large number of those who attended ABO have gone to serve at Rift Valley Academy (RVA). RVA is a boarding school in Kenya and people have gone to serve there as teachers, dorm parents and in many other roles that are needed on a busy campus. Remember them as they all settle into their new roles. Others are now serving with AIM Air and will fly missionaries and supplies to remote locations. While others have gone to unreached people groups to live and through the building of relationships show the love of God in their new communities. Praise God for ABO and all the new missionaries who are starting out in service in Africa. Remember them as they transition and get to grips with language, culture and their roles. Please pray for [the current] ABO [15th October-5th November]: remember Sonya as she prepares and leads the next training in October. Pray for energy for myself and all the leaders and participants. Pray for health for everyone while there (tummy trouble often hits many).”

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