December 23, 2016

Ruth Mahood

A month ago I indicated my hope to leave for Africa in January, but this was not confirmed. The month leading up to the deadline was one filled with uncertainty… But in that place of uncertainty there were also many certainties. A certainty that God was in control. A certainty that he knew the future, and I only had to trust. A certainty that if God wanted me in Africa in January he could move the mountain in front of my path. A certainty that I was learning patience along the road. God did move that mountain and wonderfully provided for all my needs in his perfect timing. The team’s flights are now booked and God willing we will fly to Uganda on the 5th and 6th Janu­ary. I have finished work and finished packing, apart from filling up the last few nooks and crannies with a little chocolate and wool. All of this comes with mixed emotions; sadness and tears as some goodbyes have been said and in anticipation of those to come in the next few weeks. Along with the expectation of the future I have been called to in Africa.” Praise God that he has provided the support that Ruth needed to start her assignment, and please pray for Ruth and the rest of the Focus team as they say goodbye to family and friends and prepare to travel to Uganda.

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