July 10, 2020

Ruth Mahood

Ruth is currently in the UK on Study Leave. While she studies, Ruth has been assisting with Africa Based Orientation (ABO), AIM’s three-week training programme for missionaries held in Kenya. “I had anticipated that I would be in Kenya when I sent this letter. However, the ABO that was due to take place in July/August was cancelled. Many African countries continue with differing levels of lockdown and many continue to keep their borders closed… There are also many missionaries who have had to change plans for their Home Assignments and families who have been separated since lockdown began. There are those who were preparing to return to Africa after Home Assignment who sit and wait for when they can return and those preparing to go for the first time waiting for the green light to book flights. At present there has been no decision on when the next ABO will run. So I wait patiently to hear when I will next be able to serve in Kenya. Pray for African countries as they manage the virus. Pray for missionaries who are under various levels of lockdown and restrictions and those who wait to be able to travel home to see family and friends. Pray that God’s word would continue to be proclaimed despite these restrictions. Pray for those missionaries who are waiting to travel to Africa. With so much uncertainty pray for wisdom for AIM leadership as they plan for the future.”

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