April 27, 2018

Pierre-Alain & Emmanuelle Luder

“My [visit to] Madagascar went very well…On Sunday morning I went with a missionary to a small village for worship. On the way back, when I mentioned the name of our pastor at Betroka (where we were 3 years earlier, 1800 km away – or 4 days journey – in the south of the island) the girl who was with us turned around and asked me to repeat the name. “Pastor Christophe, but I know him!” she told me, “He is here now!” I immediately asked him if it was possible to arrange a visit that we squeezed into the program before I left on Tuesday morning. I took the opportunity to put them in touch with the AIM family I was visiting and since then the relationship has developed. They now go to the church of Pastor Christophe and are very encouraged by his passion for Christ. Last week they gave their testimony in the service, mentioning that there were people who regularly prayed for Diego’s people. This was received with exclamations of joy and prayers of blessing for these supporters. And these people, you will meet them also around the throne of glory!”

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