May 8, 2015

Pierre-Alain & Emmanuelle Luder

Pierre-Alain & Emmanuelle Luder are coming to the end of their first term serving on the team based in Betroka, Madagascar, reaching out to the Bara. They’ve recently written some reflections on their time there: “We have come to the end of our first term in Madagascar. In a few weeks we will be in Switzerland. Until then, we still have to say goodbye to our friends and acquaintances, and to pack and clear our things… We are grateful to God to have had this experience and we return with rich new relationships, a different view of the world, new knowledge. This also allowed us to discover some of the challenges and joys of cross-cultural work… Have our friends and neighbours, the normal traders, children who we met every day on the way to the market or school have been able to “smell the fragrance of Christ”? This is our prayer.”

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