October 21, 2016

Pierre-Alain & Emanuelle Luder

We have been asked several times about what our job is exactly. So we’re going to paint a small picture which, we believe, will be much closer to what you would expect to see yourself than [our ministry] during our time in Madagascar. The weeks go by and are not alike. There are weeks during which the bulk of our work happens in an office behind a computer, while there are also weeks which are more eventful or varied. Office work involves answering placement enquiries, trying to find the best allocation for each potential candidate and completing the paperwork that goes with it. Emmanuelle takes care of the short-term ones and Pierre-Alain of the long term ones. Sometimes issues occur which require our involvement: psychological problems, serious political problems, tensions within a team, Government pressure… We also practically help the missionaries who pass through Johannesburg with transport, accommodation and other assistance… Sometimes we also travel to represent our regional office at international conferences. Other trips… are aimed to explore the possibilities for new projects… Besides that, Pierre-Alain oversees Finance and project management, gives IT support, also considering the organizational aspect and optimization of IT tools. Emmanuelle has started working as cashier, and has taken over the role of the TCK Coordinator (resource person for missionary kids and their parents).” Please pray for Pierre-Alain and Emmanuelle in their varied roles in supporting missionaries and their families.

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