June 3, 2016

Peter & Katy Wilson

This last week we had 40 extra students at Titchie Swot. They were here for our annual Educational Support Week. AIM insists on home school families being tested annually and so we host Educational Support Week each year to assist in this happening. After testing they get to sit in on classes and participate in PE, Music, Art and Computing. It’s a fun filled, slightly chaotic week. Some will come here in the next few years, two will come as early as next year. They spent a couple of nights in the dorm too to get a taste of what that will be like. Some shared during devotions a little of what life is like in their settings and it was a good reminder for us of why we are here and that these are the families we enable to serve in the way they do.” Praise God for the support that Rift Valley Academy is able to give to our missionary families, and please pray that the children who came would have found it helpful personally as well as helping their learning.

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