July 10, 2015

Pete & Libby Halestrap

“Martha [not her real name] found herself attending Kijabe Hospital and seeing Pete at the instance when she found out she was pregnant – indeed pregnant with twins. This was to have significant implications for her as she was single and was studying in a Christian college. Pete had the opportunity not just to look after her but also to encourage her and pray with her. Shortly after this consultation she was forces to leave college and with it her dream for the immediate future. Upon reaching her childhood home in the bush she quickly found herself fleeing for her life from the wrath of other family members… Our friends who had been with her from the beginning tried to decide whether to let her deliver at home, in the small bush clinic or to try and bring her back to Kijabe… We praise God that [Kijabe] is what they chose because the 37-week ultrasound showed that the twins were sharing a placenta and, more worryingly, that the smaller baby would not survive unless a c-section was performed. Not too long after, under the gentle care of the surgeons, two beautiful girls were born… A week later, after the careful watch of many more Kijabe staff, Martha and her girls were discharged, alive, healthy and blessed. [Martha’s story] reminds us that we are just one small part in a bigger picture – a small cog in the workings of a much larger institution like Kijabe Hospital and ultimately, God’s Kingdom.”

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