July 3, 2015

Pete & Libby Halestrap

The Halestraps are based in Kijabe, Kenya, where Pete works at Kijabe Hospital. Recently Pete has been working on preparations for a new Family Medicine Training Programme: “The course has been formally approved, Pete has been appointed as a lecturer at Kabarak University and the first intake of residents have been interviewed. The programme starts as soon as we arrive back from the UK in September and this will lead to a change in Pete’s working pattern in the hospital as he takes on more teaching responsibility. The workload remains heavy but we have been very grateful to God that several new staff have joined the Outpatient team in recent weeks to allow for this. Please do pray for the latest staff additions as they settle into their new roles, and for Pete as he seeks to develop this new aspect of his work alongside his clinical and managerial responsibilities.”


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