July 24, 2020

Pete & Libby Halestrap

“Here in Kenya numbers of the virus have continued to rise, and Kijabe Hospital is now seeing more and more Covid patients. Meanwhile the workforce within the hospital has begun to dwindle, so Pete’s clinical workload has increased. It is likely that he will remain very busy for the coming months, but we can only wait to see how the pandemic continues to affect life in the hospital and beyond… Probably unsurprisingly, we have made the decision that we won’t be returning to the UK for our usual summer break. There were many factors involved in our decision, but for now we know it makes sense that we remain in Kijabe. We hope that later in the year there may be the chance for a visit, depending on how things open up in the coming months.” Please pray that God would sustain the family, especially Pete and others working at Kijabe Hospital at such a demanding time.

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