April 24, 2020

Pete & Libby Halestrap

“During the last few weeks Pete, with many others, has been very involved in making plans, writing protocols and readying the hospital for what could be a devastating time. As we see good healthcare systems across the world overwhelmed by need it is hard to imagine how an already-overstretched and under resourced healthcare system will stand up to what might come. We continue to pray that we might be spared the full extent of this virus, and yet it also wise to learn from the challenges other countries have faced and work to proactively get ahead of the problem. The children’s wing of the hospital has been converted to a Covid Centre, allowing greater isolation and the main hospital to maintain most normal services, and thorough checks of patients and visitors to the hospital continue. Meanwhile teams from the local community, as well as in the hospital, are working to produce the best protective gear they can; many gowns, masks and face shields have been made in the last few weeks.” Please pray for Pete and others working in Kijabe Hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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