November 22, 2019

Pete & Libby Halestrap

The Halestraps are currently in the UK. Libby shares: “Back in early July, when we were beginning to prepare for our annual visit to the UK, we learned that my mum’s health had inexplicably begun to deteriorate. [When we had returned to the UK] we found out a conclusive but devastating diagnosis; Mum had an aggressive glioblastoma – a brain tumour…. When it became clear that Mum’s diagnosis was not only terminal but also that palliative care was the only feasible option, we quickly began to review our plans for the coming months. We began to investigate the option of staying in the UK for the coming term, in order to spent time with Mum, as well as other family, and support my dad… It was a rapid turn-around in our thinking and plans, and we were sad not to be returning to Kijabe at the end of August, but we were, and remain, so thankful that there was the opportunity to stay. We knew it was the right thing to do and were grateful for the precious extra time it gave us… on the morning of September 9th, my beloved mum passed away peacefully into the arms of her Saviour Jesus. Nothing fully prepares you for the loss of a dearly loved one, even when you know it is coming, but in the midst of loss and sorrow there has been much to be thankful for. We have been so grateful to God for the opportunity to be together and grieve as a family. We have felt surrounded by love and care and have received a huge amount of support, both from our church family and wider family and also from friends near and far. We have seen regular work for Pete and the children settle well into a local school. And we have been reminded that this season, with its unexpected twists, was all part of a bigger plan.”

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