June 22, 2018

Pete & Libby Halestrap

“Here in Kijabe we see a new cohort of trainees enter both the ECCCO programme and the post-graduate Family Medicine course each year, and Pete has recently been involved in interviewing a number of applicants for both new intakes. It is always an exciting yet humbling time, as he meets with many extraordinary individuals with incredible stories of perseverance, suffering, passion and commitment. Many have travelled far. Some have seen war, or hardship, or misery. All have made sacrifices. As they share their stories we see an overriding desire to receive good training in order that they might take their skills back and serve their people. It’s awe-inspiring to consider their dedication, and to begin to imagine the ripple effect that their training could really have…Meanwhile the third-year students also came together, but this time to present their plans for a research paper. It was encouraging to see all the residents performing so well, and to appreciate again their desire to serve those most in need, but with excellence…We are confident that these trainees will change the face of Kenyan medicine in the future and are excited to continue to see their growth. We look forward to witnessing what God has in store for them in the years to come.”

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