May 31, 2019

Owen & Miriam Pugh

Miriam writes: “We are continuing with our scheme for people to buy solar audio players, with the Alagwaisa Bible stories, the whole Bible in Swahili (Neno version), some Swahili teaching and some Bible stories in Rangi… many have now got more access to God’s word and are thrilled to hear it. May their hearts be opened to accept the truth they hear. Today I am really struck by the parable of the two builders. Many of our neighbours – even very sincere Muslims – are loving listening to God’s word, and are happy to keep listening with anyone who visits them. This is wonderful and a testimony to the power of God’s word. However, Jesus makes a clear distinction between those who hear and those who put his words into action. Please pray for the work of the Holy Spirit in these hearers of the word. Please pray for us: may we be bold and wise in helping our neighbours understand how to give their whole lives to Jesus.”

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