April 12, 2019

Owen & Miriam Pugh

“Please pray for a small group of local believers. Pray for their relationships as ‘family’ is coming under attack, that they would continue to put their faith in Jesus and continue to grow in the relationships with him. One guy in that group, who really seems to be developing a pastoral heart, had not previously actually said he is not a Muslim any more, although he says a lot that he is putting his trust in Jesus. Recently, he was farming with Bethany from our team and he talked about ‘we Muslims…’ When she went on to question him about who he was trusting to reconcile him with God he said Jesus. ‘Are you trusting him as a prophet, or his shed blood to cleanse you?’ ‘I am trusting in his blood to cleanse me.’ ‘So are you a Muslim, then?’ ‘No I suppose I am not. I suppose I am a Christian.’ This is a significant shift in his thinking and something to really rejoice in!”

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