January 18, 2019

Owen & Miriam Pugh

The Pughs are currently in Kenya waiting for the right permits to come through so that they can return to ministry in Tanzania. “None of this fits with our plans or hopes as we looked towards the new year, but that’s ok. We know God is working out his purposes, even if we don’t get it. We are also learning afresh that we are not indispensable, and also remembering that praying is the most important work we can do. So we are praying more and still praying for miracles to speedily get us back to Tanzania, where we long to be whilst knowing that God is faithful and always at work – in our hearts as well as the hearts of the Alagwa. We are also seeing that there are opportunities that our situation is allowing us – more time to be with Charlie and Imani, a better network to communicate with our partner organisations for the Oral Bible Translation, especially as we are still in the process of seeking a new consultant. Please do pray that God would quickly lead us to the right consultant for our project, so that the translation of Luke can be completed in good time.”

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