January 31, 2020

Owen & Miriam Pugh

“Please pray with us that Holy Spirit would so change hearts that the power of the fears which seem to overwhelm people could be broken. Also, that the Holy Spirit would open people’s eyes to the bad news as well as the good news of the Gospel. The bad news is that, contrary to popular Alagwa thinking, they are not alright with God without Jesus. The good news is the unconditional love and salvation, demonstrated so fully in Jesus. We did have a great time together for our Christmas celebration… It was the most direct gospel presentation we have given at Christmas, encouraging people that God had given us this good way of Jesus, and we should follow it… Although we didn’t see a group of our neighbours turning to Jesus on that day, we are having deeper conversations with people, getting to the heart of the matter and the choice they have to make. Please keep on praying. It does feel like something is stirring.”

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