November 8, 2019

Owen & Miriam Pugh

“We are planning and praying about creating a space/time for those currently meeting in ones and twos to come together. There are challenges. First there is the challenge of finding a good time to gather when different people having different jobs/lifestyles – for example, herding animals is often in the afternoons and often a male job, but women rarely come out after dark. Secondly, there are cultural taboos for men to sit with their mother-in-law and women with their father-in-law. Two of the new believers consider themselves son-in-law/mother-in-law and so the idea of them sharing together would be a challenge for them. Please pray for God’s wisdom for us as we seek to both meet them where they are at, whilst also teaching them about the unity of the body of Christ. We don’t have any easy answers, but we do know that we need wisdom, and that God gives wisdom to those who ask (James 1:5).”

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